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                                                                  It is not just a mask! 


It is a powerful psychological tool that was invented some 2,300 years ago by Arabs long before Islam. It was Arabs who discovered that forcing people to cover their mouths and nose broke their individuality and their will. It depersonalized them and made them submissive.


This was the perfect tool to mandate every woman to wear a piece of fabric over her face to make her submit to Alah, the man owner of Harem, and the King.


Without a face we don’t exist as independent beings. The mask breaks down person’s individuality on subconscious level without them even being aware of what is happening to them.


Forcing a child to wear a mask is a child abuse. It teaches a child that they should fear life itself, which disconnects them from an innate faith. It launches an inner war against Nature and humans in general. It induces self-hatred. It instills a deeply rooted fear that humans are dangerous and infectious leading into fear, stress, anxiety and depression.


Masked child will develop a fear of germs and anti-trust in their own innate healing ability. It will detach them from symbiotic relationship with Earth that provides us with vital microbiome support. Masked child will experience social developmental issues in terms of human connection, human relations and social skills.


This is much more than a piece of fabric. It is a demonic psychological weapon used to subconsciously condition your child into voluntary enslavement that he/she will carry for the rest of their life without you even being aware.


This is your time to protect your child’s mind much more than you protect your bank account, your Porshe and your status in your social circle.

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