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It's Time To Roar

Being different takes courage in a society that wants everyone to follow a set form of ideals. They want you to be all the same. They want you to think the same. They want you to behave the same. They want you to conform. 

Individual is dangerous to the system. Individual can think on his/her own. Individual stands up for what's right and what's wrong. Individual speaks out even if it means to stand alone. Individual is not afraid. Individual doesn't fit with the herd. Individual does not conform.  

Being different is a mark of a brave being and a true leader. A leader who knows who he/she is. A leader who is not afraid to roar.

Go out and roar today. Be true. Be different. Be You. It's the best compliment ever. Today is your day!

Happy Monday, beautiful souls.  

With love & gratitude, 


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