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Flow, Not Force

I was traveling to Europe to visit my family.

It is a very long trip, about 24 hours door to door. After making this route for the past twenty six years it was never anything I was looking forward to. To make the situation worse it was also my grandma's funeral I was traveling for, forgot a gift for my sister at home, found out that I got a middle seat for the next ten hours, the guy on the right was keeping his light on when it was time to sleep, the kid behind me was constantly kicking my seat and had a four hour layover in Amsterdam to top it off. It was so easy to let the mind get me completely stressed and depressed from the unfortunate situation. I was just a thought away from indulging in self-pity, make my trip miserable and turn into a victim as it happened so many times in the past. 

This time, however, was very different. I examined the situation, realized that there is nothing I can do about it and only thing I can do is to change how I react. It was my choice to be miserable or to make the most out of the situation. I realized the hours will not get any shorter, I will not get a different seat, the kid behind me will get eventually tired and the two men next to me are in the same jam with me so why not to make new friends instead. The plan worked like a charm. Instead of forcing I was flowing. I dropped all the resistance and just went with the flow. Whatever it was I was simply fine with it. That simple shift in my thinking changed everything. I enjoyed my trip, the hours went by fast and I arrived to Prague fully rested, smiling and ready to enjoy the precious time with my family. 

This is the power we all have. We need nothing to be happy but we need something to be sad. I root for the first option as it not only feels much better but is much healthier for me as well. Please join me on April 14th at 2pm to explore the mind power within us and how to get in charge. Please see details at http://www.LenkaKoloma/Events

With love & gratitude, 


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