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"The book proves that the Universe is energy and we are inseparable part of it. It reveals sacred power of unconditional love for miracles to come through. Anyone suffering with medical condition needs to read this book." 

                                                                    ~ Dr. German Zermeno, Founder & Director, American Institute of Natural Medicine

"Immersing yourself in this book can be truly life-changing. Lenka's journey is raw, emotional and honest. An absolute must-read for anyone who is truly seeking both physical and emotional wellness. She will convince you that you too can win the battle within yourself, begin to see your true value and to find happiness."       

                                                                                        ~ Donna Noga 

"Lenka's magnificent journey and story is a powerful testament to our true healing potential, an inspiration for us all." 

                                                  ~ Dr. Stephen C. Bizal, Author of The Optimal Life, Empowering Health, Healing and Longevity

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