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Welcome to California republic 


Every state of the Union is guaranteed republican form of government. This guaranteed republican form of government was stolen from you before you were even born when Congress committed treason through the Act of 1871 when skilled BAR attorneys mirrored the organic 1849 California Constitution to create a corporate charter known as 1879 California Constitution.

This 1879 California Constitution was however never ratified for which it was repealed later on November 8, 1960 which is a matter of public record and archived with the California Secretary of State. Click here to access that recored and filing. Your wonderful public servants only forgot to tell you.


Since the Act of 1871 was an act of treason and the People's Congress walked out, our Constitutional republic was abandoned. The Constitution is however a trust indenture and since trust cannot fail for lack of Trustees,  one brave American man and true patriot figured this out and claimed the vacant Governor's seat by which he opened California republic for you for business on divine day of  August 8, 2022 at 2:22pm.

:Douglas-William: Hysell took the vacant seat as California Governor as a Trustee and was sworn into the office by Article III Justice of the Peace. 

So, whatever the tel-a-vision is feeding you is nothing more than a psyop. The actor Newsom is not the People's governor but mere employee of STATE OF CALIFORNIA which is actively listed as a corporation with
D-U-N-S #009657602 and
 EIN#95-6000928 no different than Walmart or Home Depot. Their codes, statutes and codes are nothing more than corporate by-laws that can only apply to their corporate employees defined as 'persons'. So, unless you take the office of a person none of this applies to you, the living people.  

Ready to unslave? 

Ready to stop being assumed 14th Amendment 'US citizen', 'person', 'resident' and 'taxpayer' also known as ward of the State and tax slave?

If so, sign the below listed California republic's Jural Covenant to come back home to the Land and make sure to join our Telegram group by clicking here to learn how to stand and hold the public pretenders accountable and liabble. 

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