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Lenka was born and raised in a doctor family outside of Prague, Czech Republic. Since a little girl she was dealing with all kinds of health issues, stress and anxiety. Lenka was spending a lot of time at the doctors. A lot of drugs were prescribed but she was only feeling worse. Eventually, she lost her faith in the drugging and organ cutting approach as things were not improving and not making sense. She reached her breaking point in her mid 30's when she could no longer function. Lenka realized that all her health issues were only warning signs building into something much more dramatic. Lenka built cancer in her body and realized she had to take health into her own hands. She immersed herself in all she could learn about the human body and its environment. She studied biology, nutritional science, toxicology and orthobionomics (science of life). 

Lenka traveled throughout Asia, Central America and Europe seeking holistic practices and techniques. Through her studies and search for truth, she recognized the erroneous approach of trying to find a cure rather than to stop the cause of a disease. She designed a revolutionary detox protocol that not only saved her own life but has also helped thousands to heal themselves and prevent chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, arthritis, cancer and many other serious health conditions.





Throughout the years of research and development Lenka has also realized dramatic changes in her own brain and how she viewed the world. She immersed herself in a field of quantum physics and neuroscience to realize the power of the mind and how complex system it is. Interestingly, prior to her holistic healing career she spent 18 years in the high tech industry designing consumer electronics. Lenka discovered that our brain is like a large super computer through which we can control not only our health but also life and the reality we experience. The only challenge is that we have never been provided a manual how to operate it. She discovered how powerful subconscious programming is and how it has been hijacked by fear-based beliefs leading into stress, anxiety, depression and a state of dis-ease and misfortune. She could clearly see how we are literally being programmed by fear; and become weak and powerless. It was her near-death experience in October 2016 when she connected with the power of her higher intelligence and healed an incurable, life threatening condition, producing a healing miracle in just short seven days despite her doctors telling her she will die. 

Lenka Koloma method is based on the laws of Universe and principles of homeostasis. It is designed to support body’s natural power to heal, thrive and prosper on every level. Lenka spent over 40 years to figure the lost connections and missing links. She is thrilled to share her break-throughs to help you heal yourself and claim the life of your dreams. 

You are entirely up to you. Today is your day! 

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