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Claim Your Power Back


Our mind operates in three modes: conscious, subconscious and unconscious. Most people do not realize that even though they are awake it is their subconscious mind programming actually running their life. This programming is loaded with fear-based beliefs that run 95% of time without us even being aware. It is the conditioning from childhood and all negative information the subconscious mind picked up on the way throughout all the years. What your parents told you, how your boyfriend or husband hurt you, how you never felt truly loved. This program is very powerful and runs 95% of time while conscious brain activity runs only 5% of time. The subconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious mind and it runs on negative thoughts, beliefs and experiences. It literally makes you live in the negative past, which gets projected onto the future. That is why it is so difficult to manifest your conscious dreams and desires. It is your subconscious mind blocking you!  


That is why the LK Method is so powerful. It first clears negative and fear-based beliefs from the powerful subconscious mind by accessing theta and delta brain waves. Second, new set of instructions are presented to open healing energy flow of the heart. It is then followed by specific tools to reinforce the new code programming bringing client into a super consciousness and enlightenment. This is not another life coaching but true life transformation to set you on a road of everything you have ever dreamed of. 


You are completely up to you! 

Private Sessions


You were designed healthy 

You were designed beautiful 

You were designed worthy 

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