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Turn Pain Into Wisdom

Pain has very important purpose in your life. It is to make you alert of an existing problem. It is the body speaking to you that something needs your attention in either physical or psychological form. 

Pain is a messenger and it is an art to be able to read the message. It requires you to slow down and pay attention. It requires consciousness and self awareness. It requires acceptance and no judgment. Pain pushes you to acknowledge that something is out of balance. It's requesting you to do something about it. It is asking you to move into action. 

Do not shoot the messenger. Pain is there to make you grow and make you only stronger. More intensified pain will only continue to appear until you learn your lesson completely. Pay attention and get moving! Pain is not there to make you suffer. Pain is there to make you rise higher. Do not be afraid of pain but rather learn how to benefit from it.

Let me teach you simple steps how to turn your wounds into wisdom, stop suffering and turn your life into an unlimited abundance when you join my Inner Circle. Simply reply to this e-mail to learn more and how to join.  

Today is your day! Happy Monday, beautiful souls.  

With love & gratitude, 


P.S. My Inner Circle is NOT for everyone. It is only for those who are tired of living a mediocre life and feeling like a puppet on a string. It is for those who know they have been destined for more and are tired of not being in charge. This circle is not for those who want a magic pill filled with sweet lies. This circle is for SERIOUS individuals only! It is for those who are ready to work hard and play even harder. It is for the brave individuals who want to claim their power back! If this is you, then I want to hear from you. 

Join Lenka's Inner Circle

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