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What I’m about to tell you might trigger many of you but I urge you to put your existing beliefs aside to truly understand what’s going on here in order to make a fully conscious decision that will determine our faith and future of humanity.


Humanity has entered into a psychological and spiritual warfare. It has been broiling underneath the surface for thousands of years but this is the final stage. It’s the time of the Great Awakening which brings an amazing opportunity but it will not be easy because anything easy will not be great and anything great will not be easy. Remember that.


This will seem as an extremely difficult and painful process because it’s literally a death of the existing barbaric human driven by greed and fear due to a separation from love, the most powerful force of this Universe and bridge between you and everything else. If we can, however, push through this birthing process, an amazing things are awaiting on the other side. Completely new transformed humanity connected to heart and world filled with love, joy and infinite abundance.


For thousands of years humanity has been hidden from the truth. Since you were born they showed a holy book into your hand, got you on your knees and taught you how to worship. Worshiping and bowing a superior power, the Lord, the King, the doctor, the United Nation, the Authority has become the way of your life. Submission became part of the human DNA that’s now very clearly revealing itself. They got you addicted to your holy book, your church and your pastor.


Billions of people are now literally driven into poverty and depression. They feel absolutely powerless because their innate faith was stripped from them. They pray on their knees for the Savior to come to save the day not realizing it’s the oppressors who turned humanity into inferior pheasants through religious mind control.


They don’t want you to realize the infinite powers within you that make you eternal. They don’t want you to know that you are not a human being having a spiritual experience but spiritual being having a human experience. With that, they play on your fear of sickness and death, an ancient trick that’s been played for centuries.


They invest a lot of money, time and effort to keep you living in your darkness and away from this sacred knowledge. They fear the day you awaken from the mental bondage and reach your light which would allow masses to unite and put stop to their little game. We, the people, are the majority and they fear the day we find out.


It’s all up to you how you decide to continue from here on. Are you going to transform in order to reach your true potential and claim your power back or are you going to continue as the victim of your circumstances and hopeless pheasant bowing to your masters?


You are completely up to you 🙏🙏🙏




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