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How To Resolve Any Conflict

We have been born into a world of conflict and that is all we know. Conflicts and wars only continue because we have not been taught the power of love. We fight with everything around us because there is a fight within us. There is a major battle boiling on the inside and that is what is reflecting on the outside. That is why our world is in such a chaos. 

We have never been properly introduced to the power of love, which is the most powerful force of this Universe. Love can end any war or stop a disease. Love is the source of life if we only allow it into our life. It is everywhere around us and your most powerful tool.

Whatever situation you find yourself in always ask yourself this very simple question: "Am I acting out of love or out of fear?" Anything but love is rooted in fear. Fear can show up as anger, pride, jealousy, envy, hate, doubt and many other cover ups. Even being neutral is rooted in fear. You know how love feels. It makes you feel good on the inside. When you love your vibrational energy is elevated and your body is healing. When you love you feel powerful, strong and healthy. When you fear and hate you do not feel good. You feel out of energy and sick on the inside. 

Fear is the opposite of love. You can either love or fear. There is nothing in between. If you don't love, you fear. It is that simple. Catch yourself and be honest with yourself. If you catch yourself not acting out of love, switch your mode and just watch what happens. In that very moment when you send love in response to hate, you diffuse the hate. You will literally take the other party's breath away. Hate feeds only on hate. Love strips hate of all its powers. No one can fight love because it is the most durable power there is. 

When you send love you are able to control the situation and resolve any conflict instantly. You will be able not only to end any argument but you will maintain your control of how you feel on the inside. Love is your natural state of being and we all speak this sacred universal language. Choose love over fear and be the bigger person. Practice this daily and just watch for miracles to appear in your life. 

Today is your day! Happy Monday, beautiful souls.  

With love & gratitude, 


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