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" My world was literally falling apart. I was going through a painful divorce and my health was at a risk. My children were deeply affected and nothing seemed to work. I was a mess and I needed to get back on my feet. I reached out to Lenka and started her program. I had no idea how much strength was inside of me. Lenka's method literally pushed me to become the best version of myself who is no longer afraid of life but who is ready to live life of unlimited abundance. I am in love, prosper with my business, my children are well and I have nothing else to say than BIG thank you! What an amazing experience. Thank you, Lenka!" 

Jana Kasparova


"Honestly I cannot say anything but amazing things about this program. If you feel like you are stuck in life in any capacity, you must try this. You will surprise yourself."

Nasim Honarvar 


"I was experiencing severe anxiety and fear along with depression.  I knew I could heal my mind body and spirit the natural way. I tried anti anxiety medicines several times but they only made my symptoms worse.
I joined the LK Method and Lenka was diligent with my process. She wasted no time, and put a very detailed program together tailored to my symptoms. She changed my diet and added in lots of brain re-wiring assignments (she is so well trained in this, it’s incredible!) I started feeling more myself. The real me! We would speak 2x a week and she would give me homework assignments to work on for the week. I remember vividly calling Lenka in March 2018. She said she would be able to help me. Was it easy??? No! It’s like climbing a mountain, it’s so hard, it’s painful but the reward at the end is indescribable! So, was it worth it? Yes! Yes! And Yes!! I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to experience a shift in their life, whether in terms of work, health or relationships. Lenka is amazing! She has a true gift! I cannot thank her enough! You can get your life back! It is our Birthright to live happy, vibrant lives!"


Roopa Kohli 


"Lenka's magnificent jorney and story is a powerful testament to our true healing potential, an inspiration for us all." 

Dr. Stephen C. Bizal 

Author of The Optimal Life, Empowering Health, Healing & Longevity 


“I met Lenka at a her workshop. It was like a blessing from the sky. I was dealing with many issues in my relationship, career and life in general. I’ve signed up with the program right away. It was the best decision I could make. It made me realize that I was like an onion and the program helped me peel off all kinds of levels of fear, self-doubt and self-sabotage. I was able to create peace and connect with my soul. It’s been an incredible experience and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow and rise to their true potential.”

Mahnessa Hart 

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 6.07.10 PM.png

"TRANSFORMATIONAL! My wife and I did the program together and it was both effective and awakening. I am living healthier and it all happens because you can see it works and it makes you feel better – not because you have to. Now, I did hear many testimonials of medical condition improvements from people that were doing the program at the same time as I and of the stories are amazing in their results from this program.”

Geoffrey Hassan


I am 42 years old and I recommend this to everyone. It helped me transform in and out. The most impressive part of the program was the energy that I have gained. I don’t remember in my life I had the same energy while on this program. Thank you, Lenka.”

Nada Baghdadi 


"I have met Lenka when she first opened up her detox centers. Her transformation program was the best thing I could do for myself. It changed my life. The program reset my taste buds, increased my energy and completely changed my outlook on life. It's a great system and I highly recommend it." 

Stacey Kane 


"When doctors found pre-cancerous cells in my blood work, they gave me chemo to ward it off. Instead of

solving my health problems, the chemo, along with my poor dietary choices, only seemed to overload my body

with toxins and cause a variety of other health issues. I stumbled Lenka and with their help I was

able to rid myself of painful rashes, screaming headaches and fatigue I had been suffering through. Also, my

pre-cancerous cells are gone and to top it off, I shed 22 pounds. All of this happened only after going through

her revolutionary program!"

Scott Hoffman 


Experiencing Lenka's program has been one of the most pivotal moments in my life. I set out to shed a few “hard to lose” pounds. After I hit 40, my usual regime to trim down seemed to stop working. Once I was in, I realized something way more valuable: Vitality and Ultimate Health. Emerson writes “Health is the first Wealth” and for the first time in my life I truly understand this statement. 

During the process I was distracted with astonishment at every turn; my skin never looked better, the texture felt like I had a facial everyday, sleeping has never been an issue but waking up has, now I wake up refreshed and ready for the beautiful day, I desire to workout, mental clarity and calmness became my friends and I could feel my body being saturated with nutrition, I was suffering with migraines at least twice a month and now they’re gone… GONE! 

Now that I’ve finished the program, I’m left with a complete lifestyle change. Having Lenka as my personal guide and inspirer made the program enjoyable, exciting and doable. She has given me the gift of a cleansed system, I can taste goodness in vegetables and fruits and alkaline foods like never before, I am now addicted to harmonious eating for my body. I highly recommend this for anyone. Oh, by the way, when it was all said and done, I lost 9 pounds, yay! 


Yurika Young


"I run busy  fitness coaching business and needed help. There were issues with our employees and it was making me very stressed. Working with Lenka was fantastic. I liked her program so much that we implemented across my entire management team with great results. We increased sales, created happy employees and excited customers." 

Martina Fisher

“Wow, what an amazing experience. I was not even aware of the potential hiding inside of me beneath all the years of bad experiences. How it programmed me into self-sabotaging my own dreams. I am so happy I gave Lenka's method a try. She is such an expert in enabling the best out of me. Thank you.”   


Jim Pickens 

"I love this program, which was a real life transformation for me. Today I do Lenka's protocol periodically to stay healthy and in shape. I lost several inches in my waist line, gained new energy and feel great. It is now my lifestyle. Highly recommend it!" 

 - Vicki Gunvalson

TV Personality, Real Housewives Of Orange County


"When I first met Lenka I was struck by her vitality and energy. She was the healthiest looking person I had met in a long time and she radiated that energy. We decided to make her program a family affair, which included myself, my husband and our two children. This program was complete and easy to follow. We received plenty of encouragement, great information about health and support throughout the program.

It made our journey very pleasant. Everyday we could feel the difference. The program changed the way we eat and we feel so much better now."


Dr. Jennifer and Scott Waddell



"This program is absolutely amazing! I was diagnosed with a 'fatty liver' just two months ago. I was already working out three nights a week, country line dancing one night a week and following a reasonably healthy diet. Four weeks later, my liver panel was completely normal. My doctor was amazed at how fast I cleaned up such a major health issue."

Pam C. 


"I saw Lenka at a Christmas Party. When I saw her the next time, she had lost so much weight and looked so vibrant, alive and happy. She shared with me what she was doing… I got so inspired, and decided to do her program. I thought it was going to be difficult but instead I felt so great… for the first time in a very long time, I had no more bloating, cramps or any of the other intestinal pain that I have been fighting. On top of all that, I lost 5 pounds! I enjoyed learning from Lenka who shared a lot of amazing tips and insights. I felt so relaxed, energized and free. I thank you Lenka for introducing me to feeling good… for a change."


Rola Hajeb

“I was having an anxiety and was depressed. I did not want to take antidepressant prescribed by my doctor and tried the LK Method instead. Lenka is so knowledgeable in the overall wellbeing of human body and compassionate. Her transformation program was fantastic. It brought my lust for life back and I even managed to get a promotion! I am so excited and happy I did this. Thank you, Lenka!"

Kim Sullivan 


"After finishing the program I feel fabulous. I have more energy, my skin feels better and my sleep has been wonderful. My intention was to cleanse my body from all the medication I took during my surgery in February. My goals were accomplished and so much more. It’s amazing, after the program my sleep has even gotten better, it is very deep and peaceful. For several years I have had issues with bloating and migraines. Since, the program I haven’t experienced any bloating or migraines. 
I am a small framed person and didn’t expect to lose much weight. It was incredible that I lost almost 10 lbs of unwanted fat that you don’t really notice until it is gone. My clothes fit better and my body feels awesome. I feel wonderful and am so thankful I decided to do this program!!"


Candace McDaniel 


"I can’t believe how great I felt after completing the program! My sinuses cleared up, I was sleeping soundly and I was super focused. It was easier than I thought it would be, and I now feel inspired to continue educating myself and living healthy. Thank you Lenka!"


Eddie R. 


"The program accomplished more than I could have hoped for. After multiple rounds of antibiotics I thought this sounded promising. When I began I was feeling terrible. I had been struggling with a sore throat for weeks and was about to call my doctor for another round of antibiotics. 

I decided I had nothing to lose. Only after a few days the sore throat and aches had dissipated. Since I’m 74 some aches are to be expected. I have taken the meal ideas to heart and have increased the number of fruits and vegetables we eat as a family. I’m feeling more energized and even lost a few pounds. But most of all I’ve realized I don’t have to rely on medicines to feel well. "


Arlene Smethurst


"I am so excited to share my story. I have been dealing with several health issues for the last eight months which included vertigo, insomnia, herniated discs and neuroma which contributed to my lack of energy. I felt overwhelmed and helpless at my early age. I have tried a different program few years ago but Lenka's is by far, the most natural and advanced. The program was very easy and each day you will feel better.

I was amazed by my friends reaction telling me that I look different, younger and that my skin is glowing. They all wanted to know my secret and I am happy to share my experience because I feel better and happier knowing that both outside and inside are GLOWING!! I definitely feel so much better each day and I am happy to say that I have stopped taking all my medication. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their health and life." 


Mindy Lee

“I was quite skeptical at first about visiting an alternative healer but thinking about it today it was my own inner fear of what lies underneath. I didn't want to face it but working with Lenka was a game changer for me. Her method completely changed my thinking that opened doors to so many great opportunities. I overcame a fear of being on my own and starting the business I have always dreamed about. It was the best decision I could make to give the LK Method a try. I recommend it to everyone. You have no idea what lies within you." 

Scott Carbone  

"I needed a life make over when I did this program. I was stuck. Nothing seemed working. I was not enjoying my job, having troubles in my relationship and gaining weight on top of it. I loved Lenka's method and enjoyed the entire journey. I lost 10lbs and attracted so many blessings to my life."

Jayne Lennis 

"I did not know what it was but I was not feeling quite myself. I knew that there is something more to life but I could not figure it out. I had plenty money, easy life but felt empty inside. I heard Lenka's presentation and was sold. Her transformation method gave me the missing link and brought incredible spark back to my life." 

Jill Giasson  


I feel like a new person! I had my first baby over a year ago and I just couldn’t seem to get back to my previous weight. Over the past year I’ve tried a few different diet plans but haven’t had any lasting results. I have also felt tired and sluggish most of my adult life (even after a whole night of sleep) which I now know is a sign of toxins in your body. I would always compensate with coffee but would just feel icky at the end of the day. I was also taking medication for constant lower back pain after pregnancy. 
After the first week I was definitely feeling the changes in my body. People were commenting on how good my skin looked and I noticed that I could taste more of the flavors in the fruits and vegetables. I began to crave more whole foods rather than processed sugar which I was addicted to. By the end I had lost 9 pounds and felt completely renewed. I continued to lose weight even after I finished as my body is now working more efficiently without all the toxins. This program not only helped me lose weight but empowered me with the knowledge I need to make better food choices and lead a healthier life."


Anne B.



Healthy lifestyle is a must to reduce our chances of developing cancer in our highly complex, fragile organic human system. In order to create a healthy, disease-free environment I have turned to Lenka. I have made her method a part of my lifestyle that I believe will reduce my risk for colon cancer, heart disease and diabetes while improving my energy level and maximizing the function of my body and brain. It has been a game changer for me.

Earl W. Brien, M.D. 
Orthopedic Surgical Oncologist


“Lenka Koloma Method has been a true transformation for me and I now utilize this program for my patients as well. The program is complete, comprehensive and results oriented. It is designed with the understanding that human body heals and repairs itself once poisonous physical and emotional stressors are removed where the entire body can thrive. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to create a blissful life and enjoy energetic, disease-free living."

German Zermeno, M.D. 
American Institute of Natural Medicine


"After Lenka's program, I felt lighter and my immune system, more resilient. My digestive tract is running efficiently, my skin is clear, my thoughts are fluid and concentration is spot on. I sleep deeper than before and my energy at its peak. As a holistic nutritionist & specialist this has transformed my already health enthusiastic mind.  I recommend this to anyone!"


Nancy Lin DeGregori, Ph.D. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 5.33.48 PM.png

"Lenka gets to the point like no one else I know. She shares truths that are so obvious they may be hard to believe and upset us, because they are unfamiliar. Her work of love can help us grow in new dimensions."

Dr. Andrew Pallos 

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