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 "Courage is knowing what not to fear."  Plato

What is a virus? 

Virus is a strand of RNA or DNA. It is a complicated assembly of molecules that include proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates.  

Where does virus come from? 

Virus is created in each and every living organism at any given time. Virus is a way how your cells cleanse themselves of toxic material that has been absorbed from an external environment. This a wonderful, natural process of your body's intelligence for self-preserving functions. 


Virus is produced when your body is exposed to any unfavorable conditions that create stress on your system. Such stressors are: 

1/ Environmental toxins - smoking, alcohol, processed food, industrial chemicals (BPA, PCB, fluoride, parabens, aluminum, lead, mercury and the remaining 80,000+ chemicals in our world) 

2/ Medications 

3/ Emotional Stress (such as fear of disease and/or death) 

4/ Physical Injury 

5/ Ionized Radiation 

6/ Electromagnetic Radiation ( such as 5G) 

Is virus alive? 

Let’s first define life. According to medical journals and scientific literature, life is “an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.”

Viruses does not meet ANY of the above criteria for which viruses are NOT living things. Viruses are complicated assemblies but on their own they can do nothing until they enter a living cell. Without cells (a host), viruses would not be able to multiply. Therefore, viruses are not living things.

When a virus encounters a cell, a series of chemical reactions occur that lead to the production of new viruses. These steps are completely passive, that is, they are predefined by the nature of the molecules that comprise the virus particle. Viruses don’t actually ‘do’ anything. Often scientists and non-scientists alike ascribe actions to viruses such as employing, displaying, destroying, evading, exploiting, and so on. These terms are incorrect because viruses are passive, completely at the mercy of their environment.

Is virus trying to get me? 

Absolutely not. Virus is not a hunter. Virus is a dead piece of genetic code that is usually very harmless when good immunity is maintained. Most viruses also cannot survive heat and sunlight. The only viruses known to be transmitted by air is Tuberculosis, Small pox and Ebola. 

What is Covid-19 and how are people tested for it? 

The entire world has been busy for the past few months with a new novel virus called SARS-CoV-2. Before we discuss any of the statistics, however, it is crucial to understand how  are patients actually tested for it. Please watch the video below. 

OK, if people are not dying from CV19 what are they then dying from? 

People are dying from exactly the same they were dying before (since the flawed test protocol is testing for exosomes and not for a novel virus). Exosomes are naturally occurring process in your body and it depends how magnified the testing is to find these genetic materials in your specimen. Especially if a person already has an underlying health condition (such as asthma, respiratory issue, cancer etc.) they will test positive for exosomes and thus also for Cv19.


The amounts of deaths are only emphasized and brought to your attention by mainstream media unlike ever before. They use psychological trick of fear mongering to scare you with something you are not an expert on. Please note that the fear alone from a dangerous virus on a lose will make your mind to send information into your body and you can develop the actual symptoms (this is the leading edge of a brand new science called psychoneuroimmunology). 


Also, important to note that CDC instructed hospitals to diagnose CV19 by flu-like symptoms and  provided great financial incentives for CV19 cases ($13k for CV19 diagnosed patient, $35k for patient using a ventilator). 

Face Mask 

Face mask does not protect you from a vicious pathogen. Any scientist working in the field of pathology and virology wears a completely enclosed, professional hazmat suit with full face mask. Wearing cheap face mask and/or cloth bandana will not stop transmission of a pathogen. Wearing a mask is a part of subliminal mind conditioning. 

Wearing a mask is not a law. Here is how to manage when you are bullied into wearing a face mask.

Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 2.08.17 AM.png


How To Handle Difficult Situations Like Face Mask Shaming

The coronavirus situation scared the entire world. Fear of this virus, disease and eventually death became the tactic of the mainstream media. Many people created profound fear and fear that everyone without a mask poses a threat to them. This is due to their lack of understanding and the fact that they have been manipulated by the authorities they learnt to trust. You need to be the bigger person and this is how to handle it. 

Overcoming Fear of Not Wearing a Mask 

Proper and unobstructed flow of oxygen is critical to your well being. Here are important tips how to empower yourself and your loved in order to protect your health and vitality. 

Important facts about COVID-19

Learn important facts about SARS-CoV2 that mainstream media does not want you to know to be able to make informed choices in order to avoid unnecessary stress and fear 


No school official has the authority to force any child to wear a mask, social distance, have his/her temperature taken, excessive hand washing, chemical sanitization and any other such draconian measures. It is YOU, the parents and guardians to protect not only your but other children from this child abuse that is sweeping throughout our country. 

Please use the below communication with your school principal (please modify if you are not in California for your specific state). You must stand tall and strong. Don't let anyone to bully you. These people are using scare tactics and fraud edicts. Always remember that you, the tax payer, pay for these services and these people work for you. Be always kind but firm in your communication. Child abuse will not be tolerated in any society!


Thank you for caring and being the change we want to see in the world! 



Letters prepared in collaboration with Peggy Hall, Constitutional Law Group and Dr. David Martin 


Any school official such principal, teacher, school district directors etc. are required to take an oath to support and uphold the national and state Constitutions are constitutionally mandated to abide by that oath in performance of their official duties. They are public servant serving you and your child. 

Affidavit / Declaration of Truth 

Please download my Affidavit and follow the below instructions


1/ Insert with your legal name (e.i. Linda J. Smith) - never use all capital letters!

2/ remove any highlights and read through the Affidavit to ensure all is correct 

3/ print it but don't sign it nor date it

4/ take it to Notary Public and sign & date it there 

5/ all pages (back and front) must get notary seal on the right bottom corner with date and signature of the notary public with a final JURAT page - please see my example (I pay $15 flat fee total for all of the pages)

5/ Use only blue ink pen

6/ Place 2 or 3 cent stamp in the right top corner and sign your name across from bottom left to top right (see attachment with my sample) 

7/ Make a copy of the signed, stamped and notarized Affidavit (keep in safe place for your records)

8/ Mail the Affidavit via "Certified" or "Registered" mail to the recipient (keep the receipt in safe place for your records) 

9/ Wait the specified 10 days. If the public servant responds via any letter DO NOT reply back! They might try to decoy and confuse you to take you off your course (very usual tactic of a criminal). Do not bite! Keep any correspondence from them on your record as it is an additional evidence against them. 

10/ Contact me after 10 days for the next step 

Specific Affidavits

Affidavit - Geoffrey Leung (Riverside County Health Officer)   

Affidavit - Kris Thomasian (MVUSD Board President 

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