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Don't Worry If You Create Waves By Being Yourself

Hi my dear friends, 

I am super excited to let you know that I got a book coming out and an amazing opportunity to share something very unique with the world. It has been a true labor of love but my new 'baby' will be arriving soon. I am expecting to have a soft book launch in early August and hope to share it with you all. 

My book is about making waves. It took me close to forty years to figure out who I am and why am here. I knew that I came here for more than to make a living, send my kids through a college and then die. I've always known that there is a bigger purpose for my existence and it was like an itch not allowing me to rest. In my book, I share what I have learned in life and the way it unfolded for me to allow me find everything I have been searching for. 

It took many unfortunate events, many heartaches and losses to find my forever honeymoon. It was an incredible journey through darkness to finally reach the light. It was a journey towards an awakening from what I was told to be versus who I truly am. I always knew that I am different and that fitting in with the crowd was simply not for me. Life was serving me one lesson after another to wake me up from the hypnosis I have been programmed into. As a result I lived a life of stress and anxiety filled with self pity and feeling as a victim. The outer world was in charge of my inner world creating a war within. I was unconsciously filled with so much fear and uncertainty. The entire world was one big threat until it all changed. Life was literally pushing me into claiming my own powers and allowing myself to finally become my own person. 

I am thrilled to share my complete journey with you very soon. I hope to connect on a deeper level and start a brand new conversation to help others to unleash their own super powers. You all have been a significant part of my journey and I am forever grateful. Amazing things are coming! 

Happy Monday, beautiful souls.  

With love & gratitude, 


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