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Notice of Equitable Interest

Rodney-Arthur: Schaeffer and Lenka: Koloma

Saltaire Homestead(c)

c/o 32 Saltaire Drive

Laguna Niguel, California state

[92677] without U.S.





To Whom It May Concern:


I, Lenka: Koloma and Rodney-Arthur: Schaeffer, are the homeowner of Saltaire Homestead(c), a private property, c/o 32 Saltaire Drive, Laguna Niguel, California, with land patent claim that was published for 60 days for anyone to object to and since no one objected, this land patent no. 5935 for the specific metes and bounds* (listed below) perfected with Affidavit of Publication herein attached. We have owned this land and took care of it for the past 20 years.


We hereby give notice that we hold an equitable interest in the aforementioned property as follows:


1. Nature of Interest: we assert an equitable interest in the property based on our 20 year continuous ownership and possession of the property.


2. Basis of Claim: Our equitable interest in the property arises from our ownership, continuous homestead, and diligent care of the property. Over the years, we have actively protected, maintained, and improved the property, including but not limited to the following activities:

- Regularly cleaning and upkeep of the property to ensure its cleanliness and aesthetic appeal

- Engaging in gardening and landscaping activities to enhance the beauty and curb appeal of the property

- Promptly addressing and fixing any plumbing issues or necessary repairs to maintain the property in good condition

- Regular upgrades of the property to maintain and improve its value


3. Intent to Preserve Interest: we hereby assert and give notice of our equitable interest in the property and intend to preserve and protect our rights to the property, which have been established through our longstanding ownership and diligent care of the property.


4. Contact Information: Any inquiries regarding our equitable interest in the property can be directed to Rodney Schaeffer and Lenka Koloma at and/or the following mailing address: c/o 30251 Golden Lantern, Suite E#154, Laguna Niguel, California [92677].


This Notice of Equitable Interest is provided to inform interested parties of our claim of equitable interest in the property, which is supported by my continuous ownership and diligent maintenance of the property over the past two decades.






___________________________________                                  ___________________________

Rodney-Arthur: Schaeffer, homeowner                           Lenka: Koloma, homeowner

     Rodney Schaeffer                                                        Lenka Koloma         

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