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:Lenka: Koloma.'s Court of Record 

Case No. CSC12022023-LK0002


Know all Good Men by these presents,

In the name and by the authority of :Lenka: Koloma, honorable woman, Californian, one of the People, hereby invokes her court of record, by right and under necessity; on Saturday, December 2, 2023 A.D. at ten o'clok (10:00am) Pacific Time that is open to public via video conference call as listed below. 










California superior court original jurisdiction court

California republic


"Common Law - Do no harm to another or his/her property; your word is your bond. "




"Let Everything Be Done Decently and Orderly"




There is no distinction in common law between "civil" and "criminal" in the sense that there is in statutory law. All cases presented to this court shall be by the Demandant (damaged party) and the Respondent(s) or the counsel(s), not attorney(s), of their choice. The exception is when the damaged party is incapacitated or deceased and there is no one to represent said party. In such a case a District Counsel, elected by the people, may represent. All suits in Common Law arise from harming another or his/her property, or by violating one's word, or by a breach of contract causing an injury and damage.




:Lenka: Koloma, honorable woman, Californian, one of the People is herein invoking her court, the :Lenka: Koloma court, in the superior court of California, original jurisdiction on December  2, 2023 at 10:00am to be held via online video conference call.


I choose the following acting officers of the court:

:Susan as the acting Justice of the Peace

:Tami-Stuart: Vierra as the acting Court Clerk

:Anthony-Louis: Franchitto as the acting Sheriff



Procedural Guidelines


Jury Guideline


  1. Jury picks a Foreman

  2. Foreman manages the jury

  3. Questions are submitted to the Foreman

  4. Foreman asks the question

Assessment of Conduct

  1. ​As determined by the court



California superior court original jurisdiction court RULES


From: Office of California superior original jurisdiction court, in care of the office of California superior court original jurisdiction court Hearing Officers, California state, republic, u. s. of A.



Know all Good Men by these presents,

In the name and by the authority of :Lenka: Koloma, honorable woman, Californian, one of the People, hereby invokes her court of record, by right and under necessity; hereby presents for publication, the Rules of her court:  





The Rules for this court are:


  1. Those appearing must make a peaceful appearance, have their phones silenced; no recording devices; wear business casual attire and be orderly and keep muted until asked to un-mute; and,

  2. Violation of the above stated rules will cost you one (1) silver coin dollar; and, 

  3. Only one man or woman can speak at the time and let us know when they yield; and no one shall interrupt the man/woman until they finish speaking and yield; and,

  4. Court clerk is to keep the order of Lenka Koloma’s court; and,





Our goal is to be a self-governing responsible people who follow the laws of the Land and our maker's laws.


This :Lenka: Koloma’s court of record original jurisdiction court Rules are true, correct and certain; and, "Again, you have heard it was decreed to the ancients, that you shall not perjure yourselves, but keep up your vow to your Creator. But I tell you in short, Do not vow at all: not by heaven, for that is the throne of God; nor by the earth, because that is the Creator’s footstool; nor by Jerusalem, for that is the city of the great King. Neither vow by your head, because you are not able to make a single hair white or black, But let your language be 'Yes, yes'; 'No, no; for whatever exceeds these proceeds from evil."


"Holy Scriptures" Matthew 5:33-37



Rules may be Amended or added without notice. Amended or added rules are on file with the Court clerk.


teste meipso this fourteenth day of October, in the year of Two Thousand Twenty Three, A.D.


Per curium: California superior court original jurisdiction, Court Clerk and

Justice in and for, country of California, u. s. of A. Without Prejudice.

Respondents defaulted by their silence by which they agreed, admitted and confessed to Claimant's above stated Claim of Trespass causing there to be no controversy moving the jury to issue the following  Default Judgment and Civil Damages Award. 

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