Lenka Koloma Method is a revolutionary whole-body-upgrade-system (WBUS).


The method is based on the latest scientific discoveries in the field of orthobionomics (science of life), phychoneuroimmunology, neuroscience and quantum physics. These combined fields of scientific study provide incredible breakthroughs and are recognized by the mainstream medical industry as spontaneous healing and miracles. These are the unbelievable cases where people overcome serious health issues, life threatening condition and even death to heal an "incurable" condition. These are also the regular cases where people for years cannot quite achieve the optimal health they truly deserve. This is the latest breakthrough in health building and becoming in charge of your life. 

Your brain is the most powerful super computer you will ever own. Your brain is the CPU (central processing unit) of your body and has incredible power to control the rest of your system. It constantly scans the outer and inner environment to send important commands to the rest of your body. It is done through a limbic nervous system, which is a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain controlling our emotions. Through these emotions you then view the world as a safe place or a place of threat. Through these networks we can positively manipulate and bio-hack the entire system to produce desirable outcomes when it comes to our health and overall emotional wellbeing. Let me explain how this works. 


The human body can function only in two limbic nervous system states:  



























































































You are either in a state of ease or state of dis-ease. When you are feeling good and happy; you create a state of ease. You are relaxed and your body is in parasympathetic mode where all cells as well as all major organ systems work towards your well being. New cells are created, existing cells are nourished and your first line of defense (aka immune system) is protecting you.  Your entire body is in harmony. This is a state of prosperity and healing. 

However, when you are under a threat (a bear is chasing you in the woods) you put your body into a state of stress or unease (opposite of ease). Your body does not need to be digesting the pasta you had for a lunch or healing your bladder infection. It is a state of emergency and you must run out of danger. Digesting the lunch and healing infection will have to wait. All your energy is supplied to escaping the danger. When you are under stress or fight-or-flight mode major organ systems are put on hold including circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous, reproductive, endocrine and immune system. Stress is good but only for a short period of time. When the danger is over the body needs to go back to the parasympathetic mode of ease. This is root cause of the issue. Permanent state of ease does not happen because we have adopted a life of a chronic stress where we worry about everything under the sun. Stress has become a trademark of our modern life and is the product of a fear-based programming of our subconscious mind. You are not even consciously aware that fear is your daily autopilot on unconscious level. People end up living  24/7 in a state of chronic stress where 90% of all doctor visits today are due to stress as the underlying root cause. 


You are never little healthy and little sick at the same time. You are never little happy and little angry at the same time. You can also never exist in no state of being either (no happy or no sad; no healthy or no sick). There are always some feelings and emotions happening within you. You are always either in sympathetic or parasympathetic mode within your limbic system of the nervous system. There is nothing in between. If you have been diagnosed with a disease you need to address the root cause, remove the underlying stressors and bring the body back into parasympathetic mode as soon as possible. It is the only mode where true healing can happen.

Lenka Koloma Method addresses the subconscious responses associated with a Limbic System impairment and delivers a breakthrough solution to consciously heal the associated trauma cycles. It method taps into inner healing energies by utilizing NAD to quickly and permanently shift the system to expanded state of the healing, parasympathetic mode. 



  • State of no threat

  • State of ease 

  • State of truth & acceptance  

  • State of inner peace


Controls homeostasis and the body's rest & digest response

            Mobilizes body's

            fight-or-flight response

  • State of threat 

  • State of unease 

  • State of fear and worry

  • Fight or flight mode 

  • Normal heart rate 

  • Normal blood pressure 

  • Bronchial tubes constrict 

  • Muscles relax

  • Pupils constrict 

  • Increased stomach movement and healthy bowel movement 

  • Increased saliva production 

  • Adrenal glands normal  

  • Healthy glucose level (no special need for muscle energy)

  • Healthy urinary output 

  • Increased heart rate 

  • Increased blood pressure 

  • Bronchial tubes dilate 

  • Muscles contract 

  • Pupils dilate

  • Decreased stomach movement and no bowl movement 

  • Decreased saliva production

  • Adrenaline release 

  • Liver releases glucose for muscle energy 

  • Decrease in urinary output 





  • Healthy strong heart 

  • Strong immune system to protect from unfriendly bacteria, viruses and yeast proliferation 

  • Strong, healthy digestive system nourishing and supporting growth

  • Hormonal balance 

  • No pains or aches

  •  Cells life extended leading into slowing down aging process

  • Healthy oxygenated environment keeping cells healthy and nourished

  • Cardiovascular issues 

  • Immune system decreased -> leading into infections, yeast, virus and bacteria proliferation 

  • Digestive issues (indigestion, gas, leaky gut etc.) 

  • Hormonal imbalance 

  • Pains and aches

  • Cells dying prematurely leading into faster aging

  • Acidic environment decreasing oxygen turning healthy cells into carcinogenic 

  • Optimal health & wellness

  • Deep, meaningful relationships 

  • Unconditional love 

  • True work enjoyment & motivation

  • Real purpose 

  • Time, money & freedom 

  • Suffering in disease 

  • Troubled relationships 

  • Lack of true love 

  • Work is not enjoyable  / not motivated

  • Purpose does not exist

  • No time, money or freedom