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Why Detox



Detox is a natural process of the human body. However, if you live in today's modern society, your body is bombarded with poisonous substances on daily basis. These poisons are ingested and absorbed through your skin from artificial lighting, food and beverages; medical drugs, carpeting, fluoride in your drinking water and about 80,000 poisons that are released into our world on daily basis. These are harsh chemicals not designed or recognized by the organic human system. The body does not know how to process these foreign substances and for that has to store it. This shows up as stubborn fat and inflammation as it irritates the tissue. 

Eating healthy and working out is no longer enough to stay healthy and in shape in our toxic world.

That is why detox is a crucial part of healthy living and disease prevention. 


My detox programs are custom designed to your specific health and fitness goals. They saved my life and keep me living disease-free, medication-free and diet-free lifestyle. They also helped thousands to heal themselves and prevent serious conditions from fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other health issues.

This is your ticket to your new healthy and vibrant You! Remember that you do not have to be great to start but you have to start to be great. 

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