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:Lloyd-Richard: Swezey 

This Notice is posted on this 31st Day of December, 2023 A.D. to inform any man/woman who has lawful standing to view this file and who wishes to review the complete file on record may do so by accessing the information by requesting an appointment with :Lloyd-Richard: Swezey


Phone number: (310) 293-8050

In care of:

c/o 1324 Sixteenth Street 

Santa Monica, California state , a republic, us-A



Notice# 1

I, :Lloyd-Richard: Swezey will set the time, date and place for the review any of my documents, no exceptions!


Notice# 2

I, :Lloyd-Richard: Swezey, have the following documents pertaining to the above mentioned properties:

                  1. Certified Copy of the Original Land Grant Patent 

                  2. Certificate of Acceptance of Declaration of Land Patent 

                  3. Declaration of Assignee's Update of Land Patent 

                  4. Corrected Deed and Re-conveyance of Title 

                  5. Land Grant and Patent Allonge

                  6. Licensed Surveyor's Map 




Failure of any lawful party claiming any interest to bring forward a lawful challenge to this Certificate of Acceptance of Declaration of Land Patent and the benefit of Original Land Grant Patent, as stipulated herein, will be lached and estoppel to any and all parties claiming an interest forever.


Failure to make a lawful claim, as indicated herein, within sixty (60) calendar days of this notice, will forever bar any claimant from any claim against my/our allodial patent estate as described herein and will be a Final Judgment. 

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